VerAutomation is the specialist for industrial automation

Process control

VerAutomation has been a specialist for the past 21 years in industrial process automation and PLC networks. Some 65 Specialists including software application engineers, design and programme for various clients worldwide and control and operate them. Our panel builders, hardware -and mechatronic engineers make it possible to offer projects turn-key. VerAutomation is operating strongly national and international.

Weighing and dosing

A specialty of VerAutomation B.V. , with extensive experience in this field is weighing and dosing. For a large number of projects weighing and dosing systems are built using weighing amplifiers from Siemens (VerAutomation is the largest recipient of Siwarex cards in the Netherlands), Hardy (single or multiple items weighing over DeviceNet communications) and Penko (via Profibus or analog).

Control and Visualization

Each system or combinations thereof may be a variety of visualization systems (SCADA) or HMI devices that are linked to control, display and / or register the driving process. For our visualization needs, we frequently use Wizcon, Intouch and Citect software, PC control based. Other projects include touch screen control displays or displays from Siemens OP, Allen Bradley Panel View, Nematron, Exor, Lauer, CTC, Mitsubishi or Omron.

Communication protocols

In order to have the process communicate with the various field components and / or service components we use a large number of communication methods, depending on whether or not they are manufactured. We have several projects in the following application systems: Industrial Ethernet, Profibus, Modbus, AS-I, Data Highway, Interbus, Remote IO, ControlNet and DeviceNet.’

Cooperation with MESC

VerAutomation has a Joint Venture with MESC based on panel construction and software. MESC is an abbreviation for Mechanical and Electrical Services Caribbean NV. They provide total solutions for customers and provide service to companies in Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. MESC is mainly employed in the industry.